Welcome to Beprobe Stores

Original Products Only.

Beprobe started in a tiny shop in Lagos, with one belief – that people shouldn’t have to overpay for good-fitting and original lingerie, no matter what their size.

Now nearly 9 years later, Beprobe is still growing added to its collections. But while it’s bigger and better, the brand’s core philosophy has always remained the same.

And what does the future hold for Beprobe? “Next thing for us is to start manufacturing our lingerie locally and enter exciting new product categories and retail opportunities,” said Adenike Ojelabi, CEO, Beprobe.

But despite the ambitious plans, one thing certain to stay the same is Beprobe’s core belief. As ‘Nike put it, “Our ethos is the same now as it’s always been. To create fabulous lingerie wear for every body with special focus on quality and comfort.”